Cleaning of ventilation, cleaning of fat ducts and bundles

Have the ventilation and pipelines of your facilities cleaned already today!

November 2012, the beginner entrepreneur’s starting and development support programme of Enterprise Estonia helped AirSmile OÜ acquire fixed assets.

Who will need it?

  • industrial buildings;
  • accommodation buildings;
  • catering buildings;
  • retailing buildings;
  • servicing buildings;
  • healthcare buildings;
  • careinstitution buildings;
  • education, researchand culture buildings;
  • sport and health centre buildings;
  • office and administration buildings.

What will it provide?

  • you will ensure a better air exchange in the facility
  • healthier work environment for personnel
  • you will cut down the number of harmful particles circulating in the air
  • better extraction of vapour, smoke and odours
  • adherence to fire safety and health care requirements
  • you will remove harmful compounds and contamination from ventilation ducts

Why clean?

  • The cleaning of ventilation is mandatory pursuant to fire safety requirements. The obligation stems from § 27 of the Fire Safety Act. The cleanliness of equipment and systems is also checked by the Health Care and Rescue Boards.
  • The regular cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation and bundle systems of large kitchens will ensure firm fire safety.
  • The cleaning of ventilation will ensure a healthy work environment!